National Indigenous Youth Basketball Program Australia – The Platform

The NIYBPA is the first of its kind in the history of Australian sport. The program was carefully crafted from years of experience in basketball. The journey started at the local level, then a pathway to state, national and international levels including the Olympics and the NBA. Adopting the principles, learnings and positive environment of an Indigenous community basketball club, the Shadows that operated for over 25 years in Canberra is the foundation of NIYBPA.

It’s now time to give young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in other parts of Australia a similar experience that focusses on building talent and life skills and helps to realise those dreams and goals.

Indigenous Community Basketball League - Over 1,000 Young People

The ICBL is an annual league that takes place in the first school term across eight targeted regions around Australia. Dedicated Indigenous people have been running basketball programs and competitions for decades in Australia and have extensive experience and involvement in the game across coaching, training clinics, referees, officials on the score bench and all other aspects of the game. These people work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure an exceptional experience for all participants in the ICBL.

The ICBL has targeted regions based on participation and the capacity to commit to coordinating ICBL was also a high priority in selecting regions. Suitable venues, local basketball associations, community support, volunteers, Indigenous organisations and the number of young people in the specific age group also contributed to identifying regions. Each year it is expected that more regions and locations will be added to the program.

In its first year, ICBL had over 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants in the ICBL at the grass roots level. This success is expected to continue as the ICBL grows to encompass more regions and age groups.

Our eight regions: Torres Strait (Thursday Island), North Queensland (Cairns), South Queensland (Logan), New South Wales (Dubbo), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth), Northern Territory Metro (Darwin) and Northern Territory Country (Alice Springs).    

National Indigenous Basketball Tournament - From Community to Nationals

Each player competing in the ICBL has the opportunity to be selected to represent their region at the National Indigenous Basketball Tournament (NIBT). This may be the first time many Indigenous young people will compete at a national tournament and proudly wear their state colours.

The NIBT is an exciting time for team representatives to put on the uniform and wear it with pride. At the NIBT they can showcase their talent, represent their families, regions and communities, share cultural identity, support their teammates and opposition and last but not least, enjoy the competition. This experience provides valuable exposure of the pathway and journey to state, national and international levels and affords participants the opportunity to learn what it takes to go further in the game and in life.


How do I know if I've been selected for the NIBT?

You will receive a selection letter from your Regional Co-ordinator advising that you have been selected. You must complete the required forms that accompany the selection letter for us to confirm your place on the team.

What should I wear for travelling?

You will be issued with a travel uniform to wear - it will help us identify everyone as part of the team and serve as a proud reminder that you will be representing your region in the National Tournament!

Do I have to book my own flight or is travel arranged for me?

Both the travel and accommodation will be booked on your behalf by IBA and the details will be provided to you by your Regional Coordinator.

What time do I need to be at the airport on the day we leave?

Please arrange to make your own way to the airport on departure day and we recommend you be at the airport at least 1.5 hours before your flight departs - please speak to your RC about your booked flight time.

Who do I contact in case of emergency?

As a first port of call you should always speak to your Regional Co-ordinator, or a Team Coach or Manager if they are not available.

Are there travel restrictions due to COVID?

Please refer to the information provided by the Australian Government, you'll find links in the Useful Information section of this guide.

Will I be able to travel with my parents or a family member?

You will be travelling with your fellow IBA teammates along with your Regional Co-ordinator and Team Coach(es) so you will be under the supervision of your RC as soon as you arrive at your departure airport until you arrive back at the airport on the return journey. Of course, your family & friends are welcome to book their own flights & accommodation for the Gold Coast but they must manage their own transport and itineraries.

What is the itinerary for the week and how do I know where I'm supposed to be each day?

There's a simple Itinerary within this guide that will tell you what is happening each day. Your RC will also provide you with detailed information about game schedules, activities, times and locations and this will be given to you prior to departure.

Your RC will also keep you up to date via daily briefing sessions including an introductory brief on the day of arrival.

Will there be access to First Aid if I need it?

There will be First Aid officers as well as Physiotherapists present every day of the NIBT Tournament - your RC will point out the First Aid Zone as part of your first briefing session.

Will I have spare time in the evening to explore the area?

No, attendance is compulsory for every aspect of the program - this includes day and evening activities, training sessions, Inspiration & Motivation sessions, team meetings and meals. Each day of the NIBT is carefully designed to ensure you are able to enjoy and make the most of the program.

Is there a Code of Conduct I have to be aware of?

Yes, your RC will be issuing you with a Code of Conduct form that must be completed and returned. Overall behaviour is expected to be exemplary and to act as role models and young leaders at all times during the program. Any behaviour that falls out with the Code of Conduct will be dealt with accordingly.

Will I be getting a new kit to play in the NIBT?

Yes, NIBT players will be provided with both a travel uniform and kit to train/play in. You will receive your travel uniform prior to departure and your training & playing kit when you arrive.

What meals will be provided during the tournament?

3 meals will be provided each day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Details of times and venues will be provided to you by your RC.

Do I have to attend every element of the program?

Yes, attendance for every part of the NIBT program is compulsory and you will be supervised by your RC and Team Manager for the duration of each day. There is an action-packed itinerary that runs from the evening of Sunday 11th April to Saturday 17th April and we will require full participation at all times.

How do I get to/from the venue?

Where travel is required between venues, transport will be provided via shuttle bus. Details of the shuttles can be acquired from your Regional Coordinator.

Will funds be provided for food/drinks?

No money is needed for breakfast, lunch or dinner as they will be provided each day. It is up to the individual if they would like to bring spending money for personal use, but this is not required.

How will I wash my clothes?

At the end of every day, your team manager will wash your playing gear ready for the next day's activities.

Will wifi be available?

Yes, wifi will be available and will be managed by team officials.

Will my family & friends be able to get tickets to watch the tournament?

Yes, each day will be split into 2 sessions - a morning session and an afternoon session. This will allow for a cleaning session in-between and spectator numbers will be limited as per COVID regulations. You will be able to register for tickets online so keep an eye on our social pages for details.

Will my family & friends back home be able to watch any of the games?

Yes, we want as many people as possible to share in the excitement of the NIBT program so parts of the competition will be streamed live. Please keep an eye on our social pages for details as to how to tune in.

What COVID restrictions will be in place?

COVID-19 protocols will be in place for the duration of the NIBT event and both players and participants will be expected to adhere to them for the safety of all involved.

Will children be supervised at all times?

All participants will be under the supervision of IBA officials for the duration of the event, for both day and evening activities.

What will happen if there is a COVID outbreak? Are there contingency plans?

The IBA program has been planned, and will be managed, in accordance with the COVID safe plans that are currently in place. This has, will and should be taken seriously by every IBA team member and participant. Should the situation change at any point, we will take every measure to ensure everyone is kept informed and up to date with any alternative plans that are put in place, in line with any new government announcements.

Got Questions or want to join the Team?

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