About Indigenous Basketball Australia (IBA)

Indigenous Basketball Australia and Australian Indigenous Basketball - One Vision

Australian Indigenous Basketball has merged with Indigenous Basketball Australia. IBA has designed a new and exciting basketball program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people which is designed to inspire and motivate our young people to be proud of their culture and identity. The IBA will support these participants in realising their dreams, whether it’s on or off the basketball court including fulfilling their dreams of higher education or seeking opportunities to advance in a range of careers, studying to become doctors and nurses or becoming community leaders and role models of the future.

Inspiration and Motivation - For the Future

Inspiring and motivating our young people to build a strong identity and pride in culture is a crucial component of the ICBL program. Inspirational and Motivation Sessions will take place each week prior to games starting will cover:

  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Culture and Identity
  • Education; Health
  • Employment; Leadership
  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Role Models

Key people will deliver the sessions and these will involve community organisations, Elders, leaders and role models both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

Preparing our players for the transition to traditional basketball pathways and life will help place them in a stronger position to manage change.

Got Questions or want to join the Team?

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